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Bluestar Lakefront Cottage Rental - Gananoque Lake - Owners Adam and Jennifer

About Us

Adam and Jennifer Clark met in August of 2018 and it didn't take long before they realized that they were perfect for each other. Not only did they like the same music, they also shared the same dream of owning a lakefront property with an onsite vacation rental where friends, families and guests could come and escape the stresses of everyday life and just let loose and relax.

Shortly after their wedding in September of 2019 the pandemic struck and although it brought with it a lot of trials and tribulations, it also gave Adam and Jennifer the opportunity to realize a few things including that life is short and fragile. Wanting to break the habit that most people have of saying "I can't wait until I retire so that I can live lakeside", Adam and Jennifer realized that for them, THE TIME IS NOW!

The pandemic taught them that they didn't need to live near big box stores and they would rather live far away from the hustle and bustle of the GTA and Golden Horsehoe including escaping all of the noise and pollution. They wanted to be surrounded by trees, water, and nature. But imagine this....moving to a lakefront property is not their ultimate goal!

Jennifer and Adam are very passionate about music, but they are even more passionate about rescuing animals in need. Since the beginning of their relationship they have been caring for and rescuing senior and special needs dogs (including Precious, Margie and Hank pictured below) and spending a lot of time advocating for adopting and rescuing animals online. Combining their love of music and their passion for animals, they started a pet clothing company called Punk Pet Apparel ( an online pet clothing and accessories store that allows them to donate proceeds from every sale towards local rescues. But the reality is, with Adam's top notch carpentry skills and Jennifer's 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising they knew that they could do even more to help animals. In July of 2021 the opportunity of a lifetime came knocking, and Jennifer and Adam answered.


Over a 9 day period Jennifer and Adam found, bought and closed on a property that was perfect for them that had 2 structures on it. One is a 4 season house that they could live in and the other is a stunning cottage that could be fully renovated and turned into a vacation rental! This new found opportunity will allow them to raise the funds they need to open their very own animal rescue and sanctuary when they both retire which will focus on helping senior, palliative and special needs animals that are at risk of euthanasia. With their eyes on the end goal of opening an animal rescue in their retirement, Jennifer and Adam have officially launched Bluestar Lakefront Cottage rental. Proceeds from each rental booking will be used to fund their future rescue!

We hope you enjoyed this story and thank you for your love and support!

About Us Photography by Lisa Crispo

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