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Travelling to Gananoque!

Gananoque, Ontario is an absolutely stunning getaway spot in the heart of the 1000 Islands region. Situated between Kingston and Brockville, Gananoque is a charming small town with a population of about 5,000. This picturesque area is a paradise for vacationers, offering a plethora of activities to keep you busy during your stay.

When travelling to Gananoque, most adventure seekers flock to Thousand Islands National Park. Home to stunning landscapes, historic sites, and abundance of wildlife, Thousand Islands National Park is a sight to behold. Whether you’re fishing, swimming, boating, or just exploring the scenery, there truly is something for everyone in this majestic park.Strolling around downtown

Gananoque is always a fun way to experience the best that small town living has to offer. From locally owned shops to delicious eateries, you can find just about everything you need within walking distance in Gananoque. Not to mention, plenty of cozy pubs and bars are also scattered around this quaint community. Plus, the nearby Aquatarium and live theatre promise hours of entertainment for all ages.

So, if you're looking for a peaceful place to escape from it all, then Gananoque should be your destination of choice. In addition to its many outdoor adventures, Gananoque also features some wonderful accommodations, making it a great spot for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation. Regardless of your plans, Gananoque is sure to have something that’s sure to delight all types of travellers.

Check out our Local Amenities page to find links to all of the local pubs, restaurants, shops and parks!

Family on a vacation in Gananoque
Family on a vacation in Gananoque

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